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Why LEDs

All our LED light fittings are sourced from a leading manufacturer. Visit their website by clicking their logo.

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Some advantages of LED lighting:

  • LEDs are a GREEN solution, using less energy

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • Massive saving on your lighting bills

  • Long life means low maintenance costs

  • They contain no hazardous chemicals which can be harmful to the environment

  • Low running temperature - ideal for plant propagation or in a cold-store environment

  • Pure white light

  • No flickering or background hum

  • No harmful UV emissions

  • Durable in hostile conditions

  • Instant 'On' - suitable for motion sensed control

  • Dimmable

  • No RF interference

  • 5 year replacement warranty

♦ Minimum Disruption ♦ Massive Energy Savings ♦ Virtually Maintenance-free ♦

Huge energy & maintenance savings are at your fingertips
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Andrew Linton
Senior Consultant

Tel: 07977 793029


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